Department of Public Works

Newton, MA

The City of Newton used Highway Rehab Corporation this past paving season on a mile-long portion of a heavily traveled roadway. The hot in-place method allowed us to keep the roadway open with minimal traffic delays as the road could be driven on almost immediately. The hot in-place option for pavement rehabilitation provided by Highway Rehab Corporation is an effective and minimally invasive approach to preserving and significantly improving roadways. The cost and environmental benefits to reusing the existing roadway asphalt and extending the life of the roadway is significant and was a good use of our paving budget dollars.

Brian Zaniboni

Highway Superintendent, Department of Public Works, Haverhill, MA

Highway Rehab Corp. has been an integral part of our pavement management program for many years. Their services have provided us with another “tool in the box” to stretch our budget dollars. The process of recycling asphalt provides a quality product that fits well in our pavement preservation program and has minimal impact on the roads while this process takes place. I am a firm believer in using products that provide value and quality, Highway Rehab provides both. Working with the crews and sales staff has always been a pleasure, and we hope to continue using this product where applicable for years to come.

Joe Landry

Director of Public Works, Schenectady County

The annual capital program for Schenectady County DEPW uses the Hot-In-Place Pavement Recycling Process provided by Highway Rehab Corporation. We have found that this process is a proven, cost-effective method for extending the life of our county roads. We enjoy working with the crews from Highway Rehab, and we fully appreciate their outstanding track-record regarding on-time completion and minimal resident complaints.

Brendan M. Masterson

Highway Superintendent, Ulster County Department of Public Works, New York

I have had the pleasure of working with Highway Rehab for more than ten years. Their crews are well trained, they maintain the custom fabricated equipment, and get the job done without sacrifice to the quality of the finished product. Ulster County is a firm believer in pavement preservation. Extending the useful service life of the existing roadway is not only economical, it is better for the environment. Our partnership with Highway Rehab reduces our carbon footprint with re-use of 100% of the material and reduces greenhouse gases through reduced trucking. The first thing I was ever taught about roads and pavement preservation was drainage, drainage, drainage; the second thing I learned, use the right treatment for the right road at the right time. Highway Rehab’s hot-in-place recycling process is a valuable tool in our preservation toolbox and they always perform in a timely and professional manner.

Jeffrey B. Smith, Director

Tompkins County Highway

I have been working with Highway Rehab Corporation for over 20 years and have always been pleased with the workmanship and quality of the delivered product. It is the “go to” when budgets are tight and you to need make the right decision, the first time. Hot Asphalt Recycling the existing roadway into an improved, long lasting, and safe road; pays dividends in many ways including lowering the counties carbon footprint.

Saratoga County DPW

We have found Highway Rehab Corp. to be a great team to work with, having crews that are well trained. They complete the contracted work on time with minimal disruption to the residents near the work site. The Hot In-Place Pavement Recycling Process is a proven cost-effective method of rehabilitating existing pavement without the need of removing and replacing with new plant mix asphalt.

Joe Tiago

City of Bridgeport, CT

Hot in place is a low-cost roadway maintenance alternative to traditional milling and paving. The city of Bridgeport, Connecticut has 829 lane miles of roads and streets. Over the last five years, HIP has enabled the municipality to effectively re-use existing material and extend pavement life, while improving safety and motorist satisfaction.


Highway Rehab and their team cannot be rivaled by any other contractor. They value customer relationships that last well past the sale. They often check in to find out if there are any questions or issues or just simply to say hi and see how things are going.


The Highway Rehab team is honest, even when you may not want to hear the truth. They will not agree to work that will not be satisfactory, just to make a sale. Tom worked with us to make the best decisions and find the best outcomes, based on our resources and priorities and his evaluations. He helped with building our vision on budget, on schedule, and with attention to quality.


The Highway Rehab crew exceeded our expectations in the field. They were dedicated, professional and accommodating. They worked safely while being considerate of our needs as well as the needs of the motorists during the roadway rehab process, all while on schedule.


Highway Rehab was an instrumental part of why the City of Bridgeport succeed in pavement preservation. You can breathe a sigh of relief when working with them because they will act as an ambassador to your municipality’s interests and never let you down.