HIP Mill Recycling

Recycling Description:

Hot In-Place Mill Recycling is an on-site, in-place recycling method that rehabilitates and restores deteriorated asphalt pavement minimizing the use of new materials. It is a pavement preservation technique that is cost-effective, extends pavement life, improves safety and motorist satisfaction.

Product Process:

  • Heat the old existing asphalt.
  • Scarify to loosen the pavement surface.
  • Apply emulsified asphalt rejuvenator with calibrated pump and spray bar application.
  • Mill to a 1.5 inch depth while attaining gradation and mixing rejuvenator.
  • Place recycled homogenous asphalt mix with augured vibratory asphalt paving screed.
  • Compact with a 10-12 ton steel vibratory roller.

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Ideal Candidates:

  • Fatigued pavements with cracking and structural irregularities.
  • Pavements where aggregates have been stripped or oxidized of bitumen.
  • Pavements that are in need of a T & L course or shimming where HIP is an excellent alternative.
  • HIP can correct surfaces that are rutting, shoving, delaminating and can help restore crown and drainage capabilities.

Product Materials:

Recycled Asphalt Pavement up to 1.5 inch depth and Emulsified Asphalt Rejuvenator

Life Expectancy:

12-15 years


Pavement surface cracks are interrupted and eliminated, flexibility is restored by the resized-remixed-recoated aggregate materials. Pavement geometry is corrected in shorter construction times and allows other pavement preservation processes such as thin overlays, nova chip, micro-paving, and chip seals to be used. HIP is much easier to perform around catch basins, manholes, water valves, and other structures compared to other recycling processes.

Because asphalt is a unique construction material that can be effectively and economically restored, Hot In-Place Mill Recycling encourages in-place restoration rather than taking away aged pavement structures and applying new. The process allows communities and agencies to address roadway deterioration ensuring pavements are preserved and upgraded where costly reconstruction is avoided.